We think of everything

Maggioni Type offers a 360-degree service following all stages of production: from customer support for the development of the graphic idea to printing, packaging and shipping the product all over the world:

  • Technical advice on product definition
  • Prototype creation in hard copy
  • Offset, traditional and UV printing, with alignment and FOGRA certification
  • Digital printing
  • Bookbinding and packaging
  • Paper products
  • Logistics and shipping


The pre-printing workflow allows us to control the printed matter at all stages of their creation from file management to finishing.

Prototyping with ESKO systems, data transfer via the Web, remote validation of digital colour proofs, FOGRA certified colour proofs on both coated and natural papers, programs for colour management and units with high memory capacity for data storage. Optical punching machines complete the workflow that is capable of handling all plate formats for our printing machines.

Prototyping and cutting with latest generation plotter

We have the technologies to laser cut various supports from paper to plastic up to rubber and cardboard and sandwich materials

Offset Printing,
UV Printing and Digital Printing

We print from the 20 × 30 cm format to the 150 × 200 cm format both in offset and digitally to offer the customer the widest range of choice so that they always obtain the best value for money.

Cardboard, coated paper, natural paper, PET plastic materials, PPL, metal laminates… we have everything a graphics company needs to cover the entire panorama of flat printing and paper products.

Cases, box sets, totems, magazines, catalogues, art books, brochures, leaflets and flyers are just some of the products that can be made with all our printing processes.

Manual lamination,
die-cutting and processing

We have completed a production process that allows us to internally control all post-printing processes such as: matt glossy lamination, soft touch and anti-scratch, metal lamination, plotter cutting, die-cutting, plotter gluing and manual processing.

We have everything, absolutely EVERYTHING you need to completely manage the work.

Shipping and logistics

Your material will always be in good hands, whether delivery in the province to the far east, we always have the right solution for your needs.

The attention to detail even in shipments, whether they are Italian, European or non-EEC, is one of our priorities.

Through digital prototyping, we can show the customer the 3D rendering of the product during the design stage, calculate the weight, the yield on the pallets and identify the best product cost/protection ratio.

Furthermore, on specific request, we can manage the customer’s finished products, keeping them in our warehouses or organising their shipment to different points of sale around the world.